Day-to-Day Responsibilities

Monday through Wednesday of the review week are when the bulk of the case record reviews, case-related interviews, quality assurance activities, and stakeholder interviews take place. These are long work days, typically beginning at 8 a.m. and often going until late in the evening. Everybody on the review team is expected to participate in all scheduled or assigned activities and to remain on site throughout the work day, unless it is necessary to leave for an interview. Everybody is also expected to participate in each evening’s nightly debriefing.

By Thursday morning, all of the site's OSRIs and SIGs should be completed. The NRT Local Site Leader will have uploaded these records along with the completed Summary of Findings Form to the central server, and together with the other Site Leaders they will begin to prepare for the local site exit conference. Following this conference, reviewers are free to leave the review site and return home. Site Leaders will travel to the site of the statewide exit conference, which is held Friday morning.