Monday Morning Team Meeting

Once you arrive at your local site, you will participate in the Monday morning team meeting, led by the NRT Local Site Leader. During this meeting, the review team will be introduced, reviewers will meet their review partners, and cases will be assigned. Reviewers will also receive information about the case interviews that were scheduled ahead of time by the State. If there is relevant information about the review specific to that site or that State, it will also be shared here.

Logistical issues will also be dealt with at the Monday morning team meeting. These will include information such as the location of each review pair's workspace, which Local Site Leaders are responsible for handling Quality Assurance, how lunch and dinner will be handled, the time of each evening's nightly debriefing, and so on. At the end of the team meeting, each Site Leader and review pair will receive a tablet PC and supporting equipment and passwords, and the review week will be officially underway.