Onsite Review Team

The CFSR Onsite Review Team comprises both Federal and State staff, with trained consultant reviewers supplementing the Federal component of the team. Federal staff, in consultation with State agency officials, select the Federal and consultant reviewers. State agency officials, in consultation with Federal staff, choose the State Review Team members, who may be State agency staff or external representatives.

The overall review team is divided into four local site teams that are based at three sites around the State. Two of these teams are located at the State's major metro site, and one team is located at each of the other two sites. Each of these local site teams is comprised of a group of Local Site Leaders who work with and coordinate the reviewers

Overseeing and coordinating among all four local site teams are a group of Team Leaders. These Team Leaders include Federal and State representatives whose job it is to coordinate the entire review week and prepare the Friday exit conference

Generally speaking, all members of the Onsite Review Team are expected to:

  • Work as partners regardless of affiliation
  • Fully participate in the review process
  • Maintain a professional demeanor at all times
  • Maintain confidentiality of case-specific information
  • Treat all review team members with respect and as valued team members
  • Complete all activities thoroughly and promptly
  • Be available for all review activities unless, for example, an interview conflicts with a debriefing session, and the Federal Local Site Leader has approved the absence in advance
  • Talk to the Federal Local Site Leader to determine whether other tasks need attention
  • Respect the team leadership and discuss any differences of opinion with the Federal Local Site Leaders in private
  • Set a positive example for other review team members
  • Be prepared to work extended hours

The Federal Review Team also may include Children’s Bureau Regional Office staff from Regions other than the one responsible for the State being reviewed and State child welfare staff from States other than the State being reviewed. These are referred to as cross-State participants.