The Automated Application

The automated CFSR Data Management Application, commonly referred to as "the application," was developed by JBS to streamline the review process. It has numerous benefits over the paper versions of the instrument that were used for the reviews during the first round. It significantly reduces the amount of work required to complete the OSRI by filling in duplicate information across items wherever possible and by locking out items that are Not Applicable to the current case so that reviewers do not need to complete them. It also uses a built-in logic system to automatically determine item and outcome ratings.

Another key benefit of the application is in how it helps automate portions of the Data Integrity and Quality Assurance process. The system permits a simple electronic transfer of cases from reviewer to Site Leader and enables Site Leaders to add electronic comments ("stickies") easily to problem areas in a case. Reviewers can then read these comments and adjust their answers as necessary to complete their case review.

Finally, the application offers a wide variety of built-in report functions that enable reviewers and Site Leaders alike to easily access specific data from single cases or across an entire review site.

The application is hosted on a tablet PC, which you will use as a laptop computer while on site. The tablet PC is a lightweight, easily transportable system that will store all of your casework and allow you to seamlessly network with Site Leaders and, if necessary, the central server and CFSR Data Repository. For more information on using the tablet PC, including instructions on how to power it on and pass through its security systems, click Getting Started.