Program Improvement Plan

State child welfare agencies should involve their leadership, staff, and external partners to assess their CFSR findings, form a comprehensive picture of the State’s child welfare system, and further identify areas of strength as well as those needing improvement. This comprehensive picture, in turn, should be used by the State to inform the development of the State’s Program Improvement Plan (PIP), along with other information at its disposal. The PIP process has been found to be most effective when it is integrated into the collaborative planning process that States use to develop their 5-year Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP). 

The CFSR reform framework is intended to create accountability in child welfare through ongoing, effective partnerships between the Federal and State governments. The CFSR and PIP processes are designed to focus child welfare agencies on broad reform efforts that include, but also go beyond, the immediate details of day-to-day practice. The overarching goal of the PIP process is to enable States to use CFSR findings to design initiatives that will result in program improvement and better outcomes for children and families. PIP content will consist of specific strategies and measurement plans designed to facilitate the successful completion of each PIP.

For your convenience, this training module also contains a separate page of PIP resources, which are documents and tools that further explain or assist the PIP process. Many of these resources are also linked separately throughout the module itself.