Key Individuals

The following key individuals related to a case will always be interviewed unless they are unavailable or completely unwilling to participate:

  • The child, assuming he or she is school age.
  • The child's parent(s).
  • The child's foster parent(s), pre-adoptive parent(s), or other caregiver(s), such as a relative caregiver or group home houseparent (if the child is in foster care).
  • The family's caseworker. If the caseworker has left the agency or is no longer available for interview, it may be necessary to schedule interviews with the supervisor who was responsible for the caseworker assigned to the family.
  • Other professionals knowledgeable about the case. When numerous service providers are involved with a child or family, it may be necessary to schedule interviews only with those most recently involved, those most knowledgeable about the family, or those who provide the primary services the family is receiving. More than one service provider may be interviewed.