Child Welfare Reviews Project

The Child Welfare Reviews Project (CWRP) is the Federal contractor responsible for handling much of the logistical planning that goes into preparing for an onsite review. CWRP works very closely, as required, with the Children's Bureau Central Office, Children's Bureau Regional Office, State central office, and Local Site Coordinators to ensure that all review planning needs are met. CWRP also schedules and facilitates the series of review planning conference calls, beginning 9 months before the onsite review, in which these separate groups can coordinate their activities.

During this 9-month planning period and the onsite review itself, CWRP tracks the overall status of the review and provides support wherever it is needed. CWRP also provides onsite staff at each review site for technical assistance regarding technology and logistics as necessary. 

CWRP is specifically responsible for a number of other review planning activities, including the recruitment and training of consultants to the Federal team, ensuring that transportation and lodging requirements are met, and providing review documents and technology.

Recruitment and Training

CWRP is responsible for recruiting and training individuals with experience in the child welfare field to become part of a national pool of consultants to the Federal team. Approximately 3 months before the onsite review, CWRP will provide the Children's Bureau Regional Office with the names and profiles of consultants who have indicated an availability to participate in the onsite review and meet the necessary criteria. The Children's Bureau Regional Office then selects consultants from that list to supplement the Federal side of the onsite review team as partners of State reviewers or as local site leaders

CWRP is also responsible for designing and conducting the State Team Trainings delivered to members of the State Review Team. These trainings are held in each State approximately 2 weeks before the onsite review. CWRP also designs and conducts trainings for any cross-State participants (CSPs) in the onsite review.

Transportation and Lodging Arrangements

After obtaining review site assignments from the Children's Bureau Regional Office, CWRP is responsible for the lodging arrangements of all Federal review team members. CWRP coordinates these arrangements with State staff to ensure that the entire onsite review team is housed in the same location. CWRP also coordinates onsite transportation arrangements with the Children's Bureau Regional Office and State Team Leaders, and can arrange for rental cars for up to eight consultants who serve as Federal review team members.

In addition, CWRP coordinates with the Children's Bureau Regional Office and State Team Leaders to identify and reserve a location for the Statewide exit conference. CWRP ensures that all necessary equipment is present at the site, and provides staff to manage onsite logistics.

Review Documents and Technology

CWRP is also responsible for producing and delivering to each review site copies of the Onsite Review Instrument (OSRI) and Stakeholder Interview Guide (SIG) that are used during the onsite review, as well as any other documents or information that review team members will require while on site. These materials, along with the tablet computers that contain the CFSR Data Management System, are sent to the attention of the NRT Team Leader and NRT Local Site Leader and arrive at each local site 1 week before the review.

CWRP also produces and distributes Review Information Packages to review team members approximately 2 weeks before the onsite review. Each Review Information Package contains a copy of:

  • The Statewide Assessment.
  • The Preliminary Assessment.
  • The State Policy Submission Form (completed by the State).
  • Demographic information on the local site (if provided by the State).
  • A Review Fact Sheet containing contact information for review team leaders and Local Site Coordinators, important addresses related to the review, and the dates and times of entrance and exit conferences.
  • The Federal and State review team member pairings chart, with site assignments.
  • A preliminary schedule of review week activities (developed by the State).