Local Site Coordinators

Local Site Coordinators are assigned by the State central office to each of the review sites. They are State staff members who are not considered part of the Onsite Review Team, but rather serve as the review team's liaison to the child welfare agency at each review site.

Local Site Coordinators have a number of responsibilities in preparing for an onsite review, and will often collaborate closely with the Child Welfare Reviews Project (CWRP) in carrying out their tasks. Of particular importance is their role in case preparation and in scheduling review week activities. They also have a number of other logistical responsibilities.

Case Preparation

Local Site Coordinators manage the process of selecting and assembling the case records that are to be reviewed at the local site. They ensure that all relevant records are ready and accessible at the beginning of the review week. The Local Site Coordinator is also responsible for ensuring that all case records are kept in a secure site for overnight storage during the review week.

Schedule Review Week Activities

Local Site Coordinators take the lead role in scheduling and reserving space for most review week activities, including the following:

  • The Monday morning team meeting, which includes local officials and Federal and State members of the Onsite Review Team. 
  • Case-related interviews for those cases selected for review. The Local Site Coordinator also confirms the interviews, orients those being interviewed to the purposes of the review, and handles any interview reschedulings that become necessary.
  • Local stakeholder interviews, which take place at stakeholders' offices or other suitable locations. As with the case-related interviews, the Local Site Coordinator is also responsible for confirming the stakeholder interviews, orienting the stakeholders to the purposes of the review, and any reschedulings that become necessary.
  • The nightly debriefings.
  • The local site exit conference (in collaboration with the NRT Local Site Leader).

Prior to the onsite review, each Local Site Coordinator finalizes the schedule of all review week activities. The schedule is reviewed and approved by the State Team Leader, who submits it to the Children's Bureau Regional Office and the Children's Bureau Central Office.

Appendix E of the Child and Family Services Reviews Procedures Manual, "Tips on Creating Onsite Review Schedules," contains comprehensive tips on how to schedule interviews, debriefings, conferences, and other required onsite events as well as sample schedules of a review week. 

Other Logistical Responsibilities

The Local Site Coordinator also has a number of other specific logistical responsibilities in preparing for an onsite review. Examples of these responsibilities include:

  • Preparing maps and other written directions for review team members to assist them in getting to the site office and scheduled appointments. He or she will also plan transportation, as required, to and from interviews.
  • Orienting local child welfare agency staff about the review.
  • Booking sleeping rooms for State review team members. 
  • Securing any releases of information or confidentiality forms needed to permit reviewers to access case records and interview individuals associated with the cases.
  • Ensuring that the technical requirements of the CFSR Data Management System are met, including securing Internet connections and power sources. He or she will also receive and secure the shipment of tablet computers that CWRP sends before the onsite review and release them to the Local Site Leader at the start of the review week.