Children's Bureau Regional Office

Like the Children's Bureau Central Office, the Children's Bureau Regional Office has a number of key responsibilities during the preparation for an onsite review. The Regional Office selects the Regional Office Team Leader, who works in close collaboration with the National Review Team (NRT) Team Leader to guide the overall review. 

In addition, the Regional Office Team Leader serves as the Children's Bureau Regional Office's main representative on the series of review planning conference calls with the Children's Bureau Central Office, State central office, and Child Welfare Reviews Project (CWRP). He or she is also responsible for identifying State issues that might be relevant during the onsite review and to assist in selecting the sample of cases that will be used. The Regional Office Team Leader also plays a role in assembling the Federal Review Team, onsite review scheduling, and indentifying stakeholders to be interviewed during the onsite review.

Identifying State Issues

The Regional Office Team Leader reviews with the State any potential policy issues relevant to the review. He or she will also collaborate in identifying State-specific systemic issues raised in the Statewide Assessment or Preliminary Assessment that may require further review on site.

Sample of Cases

The Regional Office Team Leader helps determine the composition of the sample of cases to be reviewed. He or she reviews and concurs with the State's method for selecting in-home services cases that meet the case sampling guidelines during the period under review, then transmits the State's final sample list to the Children's Bureau Central Office. The Central Office uses it and AFCARS data to draw a random sample of in-home services and foster care cases, which the Regional Office Team Leader then forwards to the State.

Federal Review Team

The Regional Office Team Leader is also instrumental in assembling the Federal Review Team. He or she consults with the Children's Bureau Central Office to assign Regional Office staff to the team, including Federal Local Site Leaders. He or she also consults with the NRT and State Team Leaders to determine the total number of reviewers needed for the review and advises CWRP of the total number of Federal consultant reviewers required to supplement the Federal review team.

In selecting the Federal consultant reviewers, the Regional Office Team Leader collaborates with CWRP to identify and address any potential conflicts of interest. The Regional Office Team Leader then collaborates with the State Team Leader to develop the Federal-State Review Team pairings and site assignments and coordinates with CWRP to plan for and participate in the State Team Training. The training takes place 2 weeks before the onsite review.

Onsite Review Scheduling

Following the training, the Regional Office Team Leader requests that the State Team Leader submit review team schedules, including schedules for case record reviews and case-related interviews, to the Children's Bureau Regional Office. The Regional Office then distributes these schedules to the NRT Team Leader, NRT Local Site Leaders, and CWRP.

The Regional Office Team Leader also collaborates with the NRT Team Leader and State Team Leader to prepare for the Monday morning team meetinglocal site exit conference, and statewide exit conference.

Identifying Stakeholders

The Regional Office Team Leader collaborates with the State to identify all required State and local stakeholders. He or she reviews the stakeholder interview schedule developed by the State, submits stakeholder interview schedules to the Children's Bureau Regional Office, then distributes these to the NRT Team Leader, NRT Local Site Leaders, and CWRP.