Item Ratings

Each item in the OSRI, with the exception of the Face Sheet, receives a rating once its questions are addressed. There are three possible ratings:

  • Strength
  • Area Needing Improvement (ANI)
  • Not Applicable (NA).

During the first round of reviews, reviewers were responsible for deciding which rating each item should receive. Now, with the automated system, item ratings are calculated automatically by the system based on the answers to each item question. If each of the questions under each item is answered appropriately and correctly, the rating that the automated system assigns to the item will also be appropriate and correct. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the reviewer to answer the questions correctly, so that the automated system can assign correct ratings for the items.

Note that if you answer all of the questions appropriately, but don’t agree with the system's automatic rating, there is a mechanism that allows site leaders to override the rating. This is a very rare occurrence, though. In most cases where there is a discrepancy between an item's automatically generated rating and the rating you expect it to have, the discrepancy is due to an incomplete or inacurate answer on one or more of the item questions. Review your answers carefully for errors!