Thursday Morning Debriefing

By Thursday morning, all case record reviews and stakeholder interviews must be finalized and the instruments transferred to the NRT Local Site Leader's computer. The NRT Local Site Leader will use information from a variety of reports to complete the Summary of Findings Form and will ensure that this and all of the site's records are uploaded to the central server.

Afterward, the NRT Local Site Leader will convene a meeting of the entire local site review team. Like the nightly debriefings, this meeting is intended to provide the entire team a chance to review that site’s findings, focusing specifically on themes and trends that have emerged across cases and interviews. However, unlike the nightly debriefings, which focus only on outcome summaries for each case completed that day, the Thursday morning debriefing involves an item-by-item review of the entire site’s findings. As each item is discussed, the review pairs and Site Leaders will be invited to share relevant information of interest from either the case record review or stakeholder interview.

The Thursday Morning Debriefing will generally last until lunchtime. It is followed by the Thursday Local Site Exit Conference.