State-Specific Questions

Item 46 in the SIG is a "blank" item that is used for State-specific questions. In addition to the instrument's core questions and follow-up questions, the Regional Office Team Leader, in collaboration with the State and the Children’s Bureau, will identify State-specific issues from the Statewide Assessment that need further examination through stakeholder interviews. These State-specific questions will be pre-loaded into the automated application before the review week begins.

In many cases, there will be no State-specific questions, and item 46 will remain as a "blank" item. For this reason, many note-takers use it as a "dumping ground" for notes taken during an interview when they get lost or are otherwise unsure of where to put the material. Following the interview, when they are revising their notes for clarity, they can then cut and paste the content from item 46 to the item where it properly belongs.