Follow-Up Questions

Each core question is proceeded by multiple follow-up questions that interviewers may use to more fully explore the various aspects of a stakeholder's response to the core question. The follow-up questions should be seen as a guide rather than a mandate or limit on what reviewers may ask and should be used as appropriate during the interviews. Interviewers may rephrase the follow-up questions or ask related questions in order to explore the item's core question more fully. For example, instead of using the listed follow-ups, an interviewer may ask “why” or “why not” as appropriate, or request that the stakeholder restate or clarify some point.

The responses to these follow-up questions are meant to support each core question response. When recording follow-up questions and answers in the automated application, note-takers should capture the follow-up with the core question so that all of the stakeholder's answers for one item appear together.