Core Questions

Each item in the SIGĀ consists of one core question and multiple follow-up questions. Each item's core question represents the central theme that should be addressed for that item during the stakeholder interview.

It is important to remember that, because each individual stakeholder will not be able to answer every core question, the core questions that are used in each interview will vary according to the stakeholder. The list of respondents that is included with each item in the paper instrument identifies those stakeholders for whom the core question is most likely to be appropriate. These are referred to as stakeholder-specific questions.

Over the course of the review week's interviews, the interviewer should strive to ask each core question two times, of two different stakeholders, in order to get more than one perspective. Keep in mind, though, that just because a specific stakeholder isn't listed as a respondent, it does not mean that the core question cannot be used with him or her. A good interviewer will recognize when an individual has knowledge that may go beyond what the instrument recognizes as typical for that particular stakeholder group and will proceed to ask even non-stakeholder-specific core questions as appropriate. Note-takers are then responsible for recording the core question's answer in the automated application.

Note that when you create a SIGĀ in the automated application, the application will load only those core questions relevant to the stakeholder you have identified. It is possible, however, to access other, non-stakeholder-specific core questions if necessary. The best way to simplify this process is to use Advanced Navigation.