Systemic Factors

While the OSRI focuses on how the agency addresses the outcomes of safety, permanency, and well-being on a case-by-case basis, the SIG focuses on the entire statewide system and explores its effectiveness across seven systemic factors. Those seven systemic factors, which span items 24 through 45, include the Statewide Information System, Case Review System, Quality Assurance System, Staff and Provider Training, Service Array and Resource Development, Agency Responsiveness to the Community, and Foster and Adoptive Parent Licensing, Recruitment, and Retention.

The items that make up each systemic factor are as follows:

Section IV: Statewide Information System

  • Item 24: Statewide Information System

Section V: Case Review System

  • Item 25: Written Case Plan
  • Item 26: Periodic Reviews
  • Item 27: Permanency Hearings
  • Item 28: Termination of Parental Rights
  • Item 29: Notice of Hearings and Reviews to Caregivers

Section VI: Quality Assurance System

  • Item 30: Standards Ensuring Quality Services
  • Item 31: Quality Assurance System

Section VII: Staff and Provider Training

  • Item 32: Initial Staff Training
  • Item 33: Ongoing Staff Training
  • Item 34: Foster and Adoptive Parent Training

Section VIII: Service Array and Resource Development

  • Item 35: Array of Services
  • Item 36: Service Accessibility
  • Item 37: Individualizing Services

Section IX: Agency Responsiveness to the Community

  • Item 38: State Engagement in Consultation with Stakeholders
  • Item 39: Agency Annual Reports Pursuant to CFSP
  • Item 40: Coordination of CFSP Services with Other Federal Programs

Section X: Foster and Adoptive Parent Licensing, Recruitment, and Retention

  • Item 41: Standards for Foster Homes and Institutions
  • Item 42: Standards Applied Equally
  • Item 43: Requirements for Criminal Background Checks
  • Item 44: Diligent Recruitment of Foster and Adoptive Homes
  • Item 45: State Use of Cross-Jurisdictional Resources for Permanent Placements