Case Selection

Before selecting the in-home services and foster care samples, the Children’s Bureau Central and Regional Offices and State staff will confirm the three counties or other geographical areas where the onsite review will be conducted. These review sites are selected on the basis of reviewing a draft Statewide Assessment, and in making their selections, the Children's Bureau will ensure that each review site has at least three times more in-home services and foster care cases than need to be scheduled for the review. The Children's Bureau will also confirm that any sealed foster care or adoption records will be available if they are selected for the sample.

A total of 65 cases will be reviewed per State, unless unusual circumstances exist and specific arrangements are made between the Children's Bureau and the State to review fewer cases. The breakout of cases in the State's review sample is as follows:

  • 25 in-home cases. These will reflect the State’s in-home services population as defined in the State CFSP
  • 40 foster care cases. These will be stratified into four categories to achieve an adequate representation of cases in key program areas

In any situation, a State’s review will involve no more than 40 foster care cases, even if the number of in-home cases does not reach 25. In situations where the number of in-home services cases cannot be reached and adjustments across sites are necessary, the Children's Bureau will seek to review a minimum of 5 in-home services and 10 foster care cases in each of the two non-metropolitan sites and a minimum of 10 in-home services cases in the metropolitan site. In addition, when the foster care cases from all three sites are combined, there should be 10 cases total in each of the four categories.