Data Profiles

Six months before the onsite review, the Children’s Bureau Regional Office transmits to the State the AFCARS and NCANDS data profiles, unless the data are not available from the State’s submissions. This provides the State the opportunity to examine the profiles for accuracy and then decide whether it needs to correct and resubmit the data.

If the State resubmits data before the onsite review, the Children’s Bureau prepares updated data profiles on the basis of the resubmitted data. The turnaround time for doing so is generally 2–4 weeks. States, therefore, that elect to resubmit data should do so as early as possible after receiving the initial profiles.

The Children’s Bureau uses a specific data syntax to create the data profiles for the Statewide Assessment. States are encouraged to use this syntax to create and review their own data profiles before starting the Statewide Assessment. By doing so, States will have more time to examine the accuracy of their data and make corrections before receiving their official data profiles for the Statewide Assessment. If this data syntax is not normally used by the State, using the logic established by the syntax will enable the State to create its own data syntax that will be more compatible with that used for the review. The syntax (Data Profile Programming Logic) is available on the Children’s Bureau Web site.