Team Leaders

The State Review Team's Team Leaders are the individuals responsible for coordinating between all four of the State's local sites. They play a key role in every aspect of the onsite review, and stay in close contact with each local site's NRT Local Site Leader and State Local Site Leader. They are specifically responsible for assembling and facilitating the Friday statewide exit conference and can also play an important role in the Quality Assurance process. They also handle all State-level interviews for the Stakeholder Interview Guide.

There are typically three Team Leaders for each State's review: an NRT Leader, a Regional Office Leader, and a State Leader.

NRT Leader

The National Review Team (NRT) Team Leader is a Federal agency representative who provides overall leadership for the onsite review and is a member of the NRT. The NRT comprises staff from the Children’s Bureau Central and Regional Offices who provide leadership to the review teams in planning and conducting the CFSRs.

Regional Office Leader

The Regional Office Team Leader is a Children’s Bureau Regional Office representative who assists in providing overall leadership for the onsite review.

State Leader

The State Team Leader is a State agency representative who serves as the State’s lead representative for the onsite review.