OSRI Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides answers from the Children's Bureau to questions submitted by registered users of the CFSR Information Portal regarding the Onsite Review Instrument and Instructions (OSRI) and mock cases available for practice on the E-Training Platform (ETP). Answers posted here should be considered official guidance. The questions are organized by outcome. "General" questions relate to the overall instrument, its general application, or the Face Sheet. The FAQ page can be accessed by all ETP users regardless of whether they are logged into the portal. Questions can only be submitted by registered, logged-in users. If you have a question to submit, you must log in to do so. Once you have logged in and returned to this page, you will see a link in the right-hand sidebar to submit your OSRI- or mock case-related question. Before you submit, please review the existing questions to be sure that your question has not already been answered.