Finalizing the Instrument

Once reviewers have finished their case record review, interviewed everyone involved with the case, answered all of the questions in the automated instrument, and ensured that every item is rated and documented, they must perform Preliminary Quality Assurance (QA) on the entire instrument. This Preliminary QA is intended to ensure that all of the answers and ratings are accurate and complete.

Once the Preliminary QA is finished and reviewers have verified the completeness of the instrument, they are ready to data transfer the record to a Local Site Leader's tablet for First-Level QA. Through this process, a Local Site Leader reviews the instrument and adds stickies to any items that seem problematic. Reviewers must then address these problem items before the record moves on to Second-Level QA.

Once First- and Second-Level QA are complete, the record is ready for the additional QA steps of Local Site Finalization and Data Validation. In addition, the NRT Local Site Leader will collect all of the local site's cases to a single tablet in order to prepare the preliminary report that will serve as the foundation for the local site exit conference that takes place on Thursday. At some point prior to leaving the local site, he or she will also ensure that all of the site's records have been uploaded to the central server. The cases' outcome ratings will then become a part of both the the Friday statewide exit conference and the Final Report that serves as the foundation for the State's Program Improvement Plan.