Case Record Review

Reviewers are assigned their cases at the review week's Monday morning team meeting. Upon receiving these, each review pair should make plans for beginning work on each case as quickly as possible. Each review pair is generally expected to finalize one case per day, which means that it must then go through the quality assurance process. In any event, all cases at the review site must be completed before the Thursday local site exit conference.

Some tips for working through each case are as follows:

  • Confirm that the case is applicable by checking it against the case elimination guidelines provided in the OSRI Quality Assurance Guide. It is critical that you and your partner ensure that each case you review belongs in the onsite review sample before you get too far in the case review. If it appears that the case does not belong with the sample, you should meet with your NRT Local Site Leader to discuss the possibility of eliminating it from the review.
  • Review the case history to determine how the child became involved with the agency.
  • Identify the key dates within the case, being sure to focus on the period under review except where otherwise instructed by the OSRI.
  • Note areas of the instrument in which information is incomplete, missing, or requires corroboration that will need to be collected through case-related interviews.