Systems Change

  • Connor, D., (1993) [book updated 2006], Managing at the Speed of Change, with information retrieved from LINK [overview presented by Vinson, J., (June 2010)]. The book helps agency leaders learn how to orchestrate transitions vital to their organizations’ success; the dynamics of change are explored and, rather than focusing on what to change, the goal of the book is to show readers how to change.
  • Franks, R., Implementation Science: What Do We Know, and Where Do We Go from Here?, Connecticut Center for Effective Practice, retrieved from LINK. This presentation provides an overview of implementation science and discusses different implementation science theories, such as those of (1) Simpson, (2) Greenhalgh, Robert, Macfarlane, Bate, and Kyriakidou, and (3) the National Implementation Research Network. The steps and stages of implementation are discussed, as well as the importance of having an implementation framework when making practice and process changes.
  • Fullen, M., (2004), Systems Thinkers in Action: Moving beyond the standards plateau, retrieved from LINK. The article intends to promote debate, within and beyond the teaching profession, on how the nature of leadership in any major field increasingly must recognize that sustained improvement, via continuous quality improvement and capacity building, is not possible in systems unless they are constantly moving forward.
  • Leading Fearless Change!, (2013), Russell Consulting, retrieved from LINK. This presentation posits a “natural” model of how people respond to change, actions to assist others during the emotional journey through change, the origins of resistance, and how to deal with resisters.
  • Positioning Public Child Welfare Guidance [PPCWG] Reflective Thinking Guides [on topics such as Strategic Partnerships, Change Management, Strategy, and many more], retrieved from LINK. The guides offer practical suggestions, including many hypothetical questions that agencies/leaders should ask themselves in close examination and to better know how to move forward with forming partnerships, planning strategies, and managing by data.
  • Wandersman, A., Chien, V., and Katz, J., (2011), Toward An Evidence-Based System for Innovation Support (Tools, Training, Technical Assistance, Quality Improvement/Quality Assurance) for Implementing Innovations with Quality to Achieve Desired Outcomes, University of South Carolina, retrieved from LINK. This paper provides theory, research, and action for evidence-based innovation systems, with the major goal of improving the practice of evidence-based support to build capacity to implement quality innovations